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Manufacturers of Custom Playing Cards are a different breed of niche products that concentrate solely on the playing card segment wherein great care is taken to ensure that the playing card games and products churned out by the manufacturer are of a consistent color and shade as specified. Since stringent quality control methods go into making playing cards, and these playing card manufacturers who have a major advantage over other printers, and are a preferred production house for other printed paraphernalia that require utmost attention to detail over quality issues faced by normal printing houses. Just a very few playing card manufacturers worldwide are vertically integrated having all the processes in house for the manufacture of play cards as they are known in some parts of the world. Playing cards manufacturing is a tight process of special paper stocks for the creation of an ideal deck of cards. There are various methods that can be used for the manufacture but the normal conformation is the same worldwide for the manufacturing process.

Procurement of Paper and Plastic stock for the Playing Cards and the Packaging.

Custom Playing Cards Manufacturing Range

  • Custom Designed Faces And Backs
  • Custom Sized Playing Cards
  • Custom Shaped Playing Cards
  • Custom Bridge Cards
  • Custom Game Cards
  • Wedding Playing Cards

Playing Card manufacturers have a great moral responsibility for ensuring non tampered playing cards for casinos and clubs alike. Paper Playing Cards are manufactured in a variety of stocks ranging from a 250 GSM ( Grams Per Square Meter) to 330 GSM. The professional playing cards are manufactured on a black core or black centered stock which prevents the pips or the suits to be seen when held against a strong light. Its not always necessary to have a black core or blue core if the cards have heavy.

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